Various types of organic waste streams can be treated by means of anaerobic digestion (AD) process. The biogas process has been widely utilised in industrialized countries for stabilising primary and secondary sludges in municipal wastewater treatment plants. The biogas process has also been applied as an alternative method for the treatment of animal manure, organic waste from households, urban areas and industries, often associated with energy recovery and recycling of the nutrient rich digestate to the agricultural sector. The anaerobic digestion has been known for centuries in different forms and this process has been studied and utilised for biogas production for decades.

The monitoring and controlling task of AD process is very challenging, however. OPTI-VFA project is committed to develop a robust, affordable and reliable tool for AD plant operators to monitor, control and optimize their bioreactor operation.

OPTI-VFA is a 2-year R&D project funded by the “Research for SMEs” scheme under the 7th Framework Programme. A consortium of 9 partners will develop a monitoring and process control system for efficient production of VFA and biogas in anaerobic digestion plant. This project started in September 2013 and will end in August 2015.

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